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Rusted Blades '99

     These movies where taken with our Sony Digital Camera. It takes movies up to 40 seconds long according to the manual. We where able to get one 51 seconds long. The camera doesn't tell you how much space is left on the floppy so we lost some of the action while changing the disc. The battery ran out before the day was over losing even more of the action shots we hoped to get. The next time we will use a camcorder and change the fights to .MPG file format at a later time.


     We like to observe the safety rules at all times, but being human sometimes we do get hurt. The following scene is how this sometimes happens. Sir Matt wasn't seriously hurt and was able to fight a short time later, and did rather well at that. Sir Eric was given a Point of Honor for allowing Sir Matt to not have this round count as a kill in the Froth and Slash and Sir Matt resumed fighting later and I believe he finished second in this event.

The Splits

Helped from the Field

Froth and Slash

     This is a simple event. You hold a mug of water in one hand trying not to spill it while fighting for your life and trying to kill your opponent. The winner is the one to kill all the other fighters and still have some water left. Basically designed after an old time bar fight with a mug of Ale in one hand and a Sword in the other. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it is a lot of fun.

Lady Carolynn & Captain O'Shannon

The Captain & Sir Eric

The Dragon Rogue & The Bouson

Sir Matt & The Bouson

Sir Matt & The Bouson

Sir Matt & The Bouson

There Can Be Only One!

     This event was taken from the Highlander. Whichever fighter scores a headshot first wins. This event requires a great deal of blade control and skill to score the hit without hurting the other person and/or getting killed.

The Captain & Sir Eric

The Captain & Sir Matt

Lady Carolynn & Sir Matt

Blind Fight

     In this event both fighters are blindfolded and have a bell attached to their sword hand. Whoever makes the first touch with a blade tip is the winner.

The Captain testing Bouson's Blindfold

Lady Carolynn & The Dragon Rogue

Dragon & Sir Eric

Dragon & Sir Matt

Dragon & Sir Matt

Sir Matt & The Captain

Sir Matt & The Captain

Sir Eric & The Bouson

Sir Eric & The Bouson

Sir Eric & The Bouson

Sir Eric & The Bouson

Sir Eric & The Bouson

The Kids at Play

Kids 1

Kids 2

Kids Blind Fight 1

Kids Blind Fight 2
Kids Blind Fight 3
This shot is from a H. R. F. C. practice just to give you an idea of what it is like to face a Man with a Blade Sir Landron Di Borgia

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