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The Web Pirates
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Some Very Classic Shots!

Brother Brendan & Lady Elisa MacPherson, holding the R. F. C. Flag and Lady Rosaleen holding the FAMOUS PURPLE CHICKEN. The chicken was used in the Chicken Wars (capture the Chicken). It has been suggested since we no longer have the Chicken we replace it with a Purple Dinosaur. Let's say KILL BARNEY!!!, but alas Dragon says no killing of relatives.

Kilt my Arse, Coyote! Only Ladies curtsey! It's a skirt! You Pansy Scottish Marine! Now why do I hope he doesn't have a dragger hide somewhere. Kilt Check!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking to S. C. A. Champion Lord Barbarosa is Brother Gregory dedication to Renaissance reenactment? Check out the haircut he has a full head of hair usually!

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