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The Web Pirates
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K.C. Crane
The Web Pirate

The Wedding of
Lady Cassandra
Dragon Rogue

The Kiss!
Stepping over the broom and sword into a new life together!
The Hand Fasting

Some of the guests at the Wedding!

Lord Andrew and Lady Carolynn playing around.
Lady Alasha, Lady Riane, young Sir Jonathan at rest for awhile.

Something to keep an eye on, Members of the Black House. Pirates left to right Landron Di Borgia, Sir Drake and Capt. Shamus O'Shannon.
The Irish Rogue, Sir Cullen McGregor of McGregor holding the young Sir Cole and Lady Heather McGregor say cheese.
Something else to keep an eye on, Sir Cullen and The Irish Rogue.
Lady Danor/Danae and husband Lord Andrew.
Captain and Lady O'Shannon steal a kiss.
Lady Cassandra with bouquet.

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