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The Web Pirates
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The Arkansas
Renaissance Faire
in Oct. '98

     Coyote and Pup. Yes, Lord Coyote the Scottish Marine brought his young Whelp, who I believe is 2 months old in this shot, to this event. For those who wish to know SIR COLE has received the following gifts from these houses;

     The White House; Lady Ross & the Ross Clan, the Red House; Sir Dragon & Lady Cassandra, the Green House; The Irish Rogue & Lady Riane the Welsh Bard, have all Knighted and adopted young Sir Cole.

     THE BLACK HOUSE; Capt. O'Shannon & crew, presented a copy of his Privateer papers, then Kidnapped him, and are giving him Merc training, and OFFICER TRAINING. His Dad is a Merc, what else could we do? Coyote and his family will be holding him hostage for many years to come!

     NO, the Coyote no longer prowls alone! His every move is watched by this Lady his WIFE, Lady Heather, so lady's lay off!

     Another member of the pack the Little Lady Kaiya, with some city puppy she's talked into something. BEWARE THE CALL OF THE WILD!

     Some shots from around the camp,

Bardic Circle
The Dragon Rogue & Lady Cassandra
Beware Sleeping Dragons!

The Evil Twins, the Rogue Brothers, the Irish Rogue & the Dragon Rogue.
Again the Irish Rogue & the Dragon Rogue.

Venders Booths 1
Venders Booths 2

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