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The Web Pirates
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This page is for pictures of some of our Married Couples!

     Lady Wild Rose O'Shannon and Captain Shamus O'Shannon/Karen and Jim Shannon II Jim is in charge of club safety. Karen is an excellent seamstress and made the clothing they are wearing in this picture! She is also a great cook. She is also a brilliant person, fun to be around, she will sit and chat almost all night on any given topic you choose to discuss!

     Lady Heather McGregor & Sir Cullen McGregor/Heather & Rob Gunter. Coyote holding Sir Cole (Cole). I don't know Heather very well, but she has to be nice to have married the Coyote. Everyone knows Rob!

     Lady Danor/Danea, and Lord Andrew/Dee & Andy Jelley. Of the Ross Clan. Dee is one of our List Mistresses and a bard. Andy is a craftsmen in many fields and is a leading maker of chainmaile check out his site at Dworkyn's Realm.

     Lady Shelley & Lady Sara and The Bouson/Shelley & KC Crane. This was taken 12/19/99 at our wedding Shelley, your web steward KC (the Bouson) Crane, aka The Web Pirate,  our daughter Sara.

     Lady Cassandra & The Dragon Rogue/Linda & Paul Wilson. You saw their names on the main page. They are Club board members.

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