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The Web Pirates
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The Web Pirate

Wakeeney in '01

Lady Renee and Lady Katelyn. Good form and a light touch will get you far, knowing how to use a blade doesn't hurt either.
Lady Renee is she an archer or Cupid?
Lady Renee and Sir Jon a dance, a fight, a contest.
Sir Andrew and Sir Jon a little hit or miss.
The group shot.
Some Highland Oxen.
Enough ugly now for something pretty, Lady Katelyn.
Drake, the Black Pirate.
Capt. O'Shannon, the Paisley Pirate and Sir Andrew. With some people, they take so long to die. You have to make sure.
Capt. O'Shannon and Drake. Some people use space and timing to disable you. Then they kill you out of boredom.

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